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Moving CHALLENGES Forward.

We offer specialized end-to end solutions for all your logistic challenges, helping you optimize your supply chain, so you can focus on what really matters: making the products your consumer loves.

Interested in shipping?

End to end solutions


Truck Rail Barge



Load Port

Load Port




Point of

Air / Truck / Ocean

Our Freight Services



To fulfill the demands and expectations of today’s logistics you need a reliable and strategic ally that combines experience with a wide support network. Our international air freight service for consolidated and direct shipping is designed to help you reach your deadlines and reduce logistic cost, supported by strategic alliances with the most important air carriers as we are recognized as a IATA certified cargo agent.

Ocean Freight 


Enjoy the benefits of a reliable service, capable of getting your freight to safe port ¡and on time! Our ocean freight service specializes in shipments from Asia and Europe to all America, as well as in shipments within the American continent, regardless if it’s FCL, LCL or oversized and keeping complete visibility and control along the process. Our global partner network guarantees availability, even during high season; thus helping you get the best balance between time and cost that optimize your logistics chain. 

Inland Services 


Coordinate the movement of cargo among CDCs, operators, ports and providers doesn’t need to be a hassle, Our expert team helps you solve all those problems finding the perfect combination of inland transportation —be it rail, truck or a mix of both— that optimizes cost and time, with the support of advanced tracking solutions.

Customs Clearance


You don’t need to be a custom formalities expert! That’s why you can count with our expert team of partners who have an in-depth knowledge of conditions and local regulations regarding a wide set of industries. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the import or export business, we help you to manage risk and make your custom experience worry-free.

Cargo Insurance 


Without a doubt, accidents happen; but with our cargo insurance service, you can be assured that in the case of an unforeseen event occurs —such as theft or damage—, your cargo will be covered. 


Industries in which we operate

Building Materials

  • Operational resources and market based expertise.

  • Overweight containers

  • Forecast in advance

  • Equipment capacity

  • Track & Trace

Consumer & Retail

  • Right products in place, right time & cost

  • Visibility & Control

  • Lead time control

  • Customized Solutions

Foodstuff & Perishables

  • Temperature control & Follow-up

  • Lead Time control

  • Reefer Container expertise

Automotive & Manufacturing

  • Flexible & customized logistic solutions

  • Lead Time control

  • Time sensitive logistics

  • End-to-End solutions


Tech Solutions

RR Magic Shipping's integrated platform that offers:

Web Portal

  • Track & Trace + Visibility

  • Milestones & Documents

  • Advanced shipments 

  • Search & Reports

Mobile Visibility 

  • Shipment Status & follow up

Other Tech Solutions

Business Intelligence

  • Track & Trace + Visibility

  • Milestones & Documents

Data Integration 

  • Multiple sources Data Integration

  • EDI, Flat File, XML, etc.

  • Suppliers Portal 

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